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Each year, millions of healthcare workers get infected with needle stick injury (NSIs). Needle stick injuries are among the most prevalent and preventable occupational accidents. The ultimate solution to prevent needle stick injury is Q Safe®, the re-use prevention syringe. Q Safe® is cleverly designed for the healthcare workers, easy to use, without any additional training. Q Safe® is a patented product and is welcomed by many healthcare organizations.

Never Compromise Safety, use Q Safe® and SAVE LIVES.

Product Range:

                2-3 ml Re-use Prevention Syringe
                5-6 ml Re-use Prevention Syringe
                10 ml Re-use Prevention Syringe
For More Details: Download Q-Safe product sheet
Q Ject® is a single use syringe specifically designed for the curative medications. Q Ject® is manufactured with medical grade materials in compliance with International Standards that ensures its safety and effectiveness to its purpose. Q Ject® is embedded with best quality features for best patient comfort.

Q Ject®,The Quality Patients Deserve

Product Range:
                1 ml Syringe
                2-3 ml Syringe
                5 ml Syringe
                5-6 ml Syringe
                10 ml Syringe
                20 ml Syringe
                30 ml Syringe
                50-60 ml Syringe

For More Details: Download Q-Ject product sheet

Q Flow® is designed with specific care for infusion therapy. Q Flow® is available with many customized variable to cater the need of healthcare professionals. Q Flow® is manufactured on a state of the art technology, fully computerized and automated machines originated from Europe. Q Flow® is guaranteed with its best quality with no manual operations throughout.

Q Flow® Flowing with Efficiency

Product Range:
                G16 IV Cannula
                G18 IV Cannula
                G20 IV Cannula
                G22 IV Cannula
                G24 IV Cannula

For More Details:Download Q-Flow product sheet
Q JectUltra® is an Insulin Syringe serving as a tool in diabetic care. Q JectUltra® is a unique combination of ultra-fine needle with its tip optimized for minimal penetration force and variety of needle sizes. The Q JectUltra® is manufactured on a technologically advanced machine from Europe. The Q JectUltra® is available in U-100 and U-40 Insulin units.

Q JectUltra® The Ultimate Choice for Diabetic Patients

Product Range:

                1ml Insulin Syringe (U100 and U40)
                0.5ml Insulin Syringe (U100 and U40)

For More Details: Download Q-JectUltra product sheet

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