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July-13, 2020

It is time to clean the air around you, The Qatari German For Medical Devices Company hereby announces the availability of the Mobile Hepa Filter medical grade devices which assures outstanding airborne contamination risk management. This silent, efficient, fast, and small mobile machine is trusted by HMC, MOPH and Qatar Red Crescent for its safety and hygiene standards.

Healthcare Facilities, due to the maximum exposure to patients of various diseases and conditions, is one risky place. Dry fog the surfaces with the Rhea machine - H2O2 Surface Bio- Decontamination and stay away from possible infections and diseases during this pandemic time. Conformed to the French standard NF-T 72-281, Rhea/X-CID is trusted by HMC for its safety and hygiene standards. This highly effective, ergonomic, fast (30 min), economical, user friendly and traceable machine leaves no stone unturned when it comes to quality and efficiency.

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