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Our Business Partners




  • Airinspace/France:
  • Our company’s strength lies in our ability to quickly develop innovative, reliable, and competitive products and solutions for air treatment and surface decontamination for healthcare institutions. This helps us create value for our customers, business partners, shareholders, and our staff. www.airinspace.com

  • Delabie POU Water Filter & Shower Filter:
  • www.delabie.com

  • The 37 Company / The Netherlands:
  • A leading in the field of Hypothermia and offering solutions for Patient Warming. www.the37company.com

  • Armstrong Medical /UK:
  • A worldwide supplier of high quality, innovative respiratory disposables for anaesthesia and critical care. www.armstrongmedical.net

  • Medica Europe / The Netherlands:
  • A wide range of medical disposables for the operating room, cardiac catheterisation laboratories, critical care units and interventional radiology centres, Non-latex examination gloves and custom procedure trays. www.medica-europe.com

  • Gabriel Scientific/Sleep Angel Pillows:
  • Patented bedding range, clinically proven to block virus, allergen, microbes.NO Stitching - Hermetically sealed cushioning keeps pathogens out.Clinically proven barrier to pathogen ingress yet is well ventilated, breathable and comfortable. www.sleepangel-medical.com

  • THD/Italy
  • Surgical instruments For Haemorrhoid Surgery. www.thdlab.com

  • Trade Med:
  • Disposable medical and health safety products. We are environmentally cautious; our products consist of biodegradable and/ or recyclable fabrics. trademedme.com

  • Eastwood Training Park UK :
  • Most of our courses can be delivered worldwide at your medical facility or hospital. This provides a practical and cost-effective solution, particularly when large groups may require training. www.eastwoodparktraining.co.uk